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Dr. Muhammed Hashmat Faheem is an experienced Emergency Medicine expert dedicated to upgrading his expertise in the field of emergency medicine. Committed to working in a challenging environment, Dr. Muhammed Hashmat contributes the best of his abilities to healthcare.
Dr. Muhammed Hashmat’s medical journey began with an MBBS degree from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. He also successfully completed an MBA in Hospital Management and a Masters in Emergency Medicine (MEM). Adding a feather to his cap, Dr. Muhammed became a member of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (United Kingdom) in 2019.
Currently, Dr. Muhammed is employed at Zulekha Hospital in Dubai as an Emergency Medicine specialist. With a big passion for working in challenging environments, he is committed to enhancing his expertise in dealing with emergency cases.
StudyMRCEM is privileged to have Dr. Muhammed Hashmat Faheem as a mentor. His academic excellence, commitment, and clinical skills will help the aspirants clear the MRCEM exam in one go.


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