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What is MRCEM?

MRCEM stands for: Membership of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine. The Royal College of Emergency Medicine is responsible for setting the standards of training and administering examinations in Emergency Medicine. As such, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine offer Membership by Examination (MRCEM), which is a GMC recognised postgraduate qualification and the most suitable pathway for overseas Emergency Medicine doctors to attain GMC registration.

What are the Steps of MRCEM exam?

MRCEM is a three-level examination comprising MRCEM Primary, MRCEM Intermediate, and MRCEM OSCE.

What is the Eligibility Criteria of the MRCEM Exam?

No previous experience in Emergency Medicine is required for the MRCEM Primary exam.
A candidate will be eligible to enter the MRCEM Primary examination provided they hold a medical qualification approved by the General Medical Council (GMC) for the purposes of registration.

The examination is conducted in English and candidates are advised that IELTS Level 7 is the expected standard for completion of MRCEM and FRCEM examinations.

How can I apply for MRCEM?

During the specified application time, candidates must submit their online exam applications. On the morning of the application opening date indicated on the exam calendar, applications will open and conclude automatically. Late submissions won’t be accepted; applications must be submitted before the deadline.

Can I work in the UK after MRCEM?

You can apply for full registration with a practice license if you have completed all sections of the FRCEM or MRCEM. After the GMC has granted approval to your application, you may practice medicine in the UK.

Is MRCEM a post-graduate qualification?

MRCEM is a postgraduate degree recognized by the GMC and the most practical route for emergency medicine specialists practicing abroad to become GMC-registered.

Can I do MRCEM after MBBS ?

The sole requirement for taking the MRCEM Part A (FRCEM PRIMARY) test is a current MBBS pass certificate. However, two years of work experience in the emergency department following MBBS is a requirement for MRCEM PART B & C (FRCEM INTERMEDIATE).

Do I need to pass IELTS for the MRCEM exam?

The MRCEM OSCE is held in English, and applicants are informed that an IELTS score of 7 is required to pass both the MRCEM and FRCEM exams. But it’s not mandatory to pass IELTS as a prerequisite for MRCEM exams.

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