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MBBS, DA (Anesthesiology), DNB (Emergency Medicine)
Dr Kushal Pandya is an experienced emergency medicine expert committed to delivering unparalleled patient care. Dr Kushal Pandya completed his MBBS studies from Tver State Medical Academy, Russia, and furthered his qualifications with a Diploma in Anesthesiology from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. In 2029, he elevated his medical credentials by qualifying DNB in Emergency Medicine from Manipal Hospital, Bangalore.
With extensive experience spanning over 8 years in the field of emergency medicine, Dr Kushal Pandya plays a pivotal role on the frontlines of medical care. Dr Kushal Pandya is also known for his skills in dealing critical emergencies, trauma care, emergency life-saving procedures and anesthetic care. Dr Kushal Pandya is currently employed at ER, Manipal Hospital as Emergency Physician.
Driven by a deep commitment to patient well-being, Dr. Kushal Pandya has amassed an array of medical certifications, including BLS by the American Heart Association (2018), ACLS by the American Heart Association (2018), and ATLS by the American College of Surgeons (2019). As a mentor at StudyMRCEM his wealth of knowledge and clinical expertise are eagerly anticipated to provide unwavering support and guidance to our budding medical professionals.


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