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Dr Faiza Afshan is a dedicated medical professional with years of experience handling emergency medical cases. With in-depth medical knowledge and a patient focused approach, throughout her career, Dr Faiza showed her exceptional commitment to patient health and well-being.
Dr Faiza Afshan’s medical education journey began with an MBBS degree from SSIMS, Davangere. Later, she earned Royal College of Emergency Medicine Membership in 2022. With her years of experience handling several emergency medical cases, Dr. Faiza is skilled enough to manage an emergency medical team herself.
Dr Faiza is well-versed in emergency medicine, and throughout her career, she has shown exceptional skills in healthcare administration, communication, counselling, sound diagnostics, etc. She is also an expert in preparing and maintaining accurate, detailed summaries and other medical documentation. StudyMRCCEM is happy to have Dr Faiza as a mentor. Her academic excellence and clinical skills will surely be a huge source of inspiration for medical aspirants.


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