MRCEM OSCE Exam: Gain Awareness About This Final Obstacle to Emergency Medicine Get A Grasp on MRCEM OSCE Exam

Sat 07, 2023
Home MRCEM OSCE Exam: Gain Awareness About This Final Obstacle to Emergency Medicine Get A Grasp on MRCEM OSCE Exam

In order to be awarded the prestigious MRCEM degree, one has to clear the MRCEM OSCE exam. This is the third exam after MRCEM Primary and SBA.

MRCEM OSCE Exam Explained
OSCE is an acronym for Objective Structure Clinical Examination. Besides, your clinical skills will be tested while you examine a patient in front of an examiner. Moreover, this will be either done live or via video conference. Along with your clinical knowledge, your communication skills will also be evaluated.
The OSCE exam consists of 16 stations in total. Each station will have 8 minutes of time. You will be further allowed 1 minute duration before each station to read the case scenario.
In addition, OSCE assesses the regular competences and clinical competencies needed to manage adult and paediatric emergencies. Paediatric expectation further involves managing a seriously ill and injured child or common childhood emergencies.

Eligibility For MRCEM OSCE Exam
One needs to fulfill all the following criteria to be eligible to sit the exam.
The candidate must have a valid or current medical registration approved by GMC to register for the exam. In addition, the candidate should complete the UK foundation programme or equivalent. FYI is house surgeonship/internship. FY2 is the next year of training.
The candidate should pass the FRCEM primary or MRCEM Part A. In addition, the candidate must clear the FRCEM Intermediate SAQ or MRCEM Part B or MRCEM Intermediate SBA.
Lastly, the candidate must possess 24 months experience post FYI. The duration of FYI is 12 months. Along with this a minimum of additional 6 months of Emergency medicine out of the next 24 months is mandatory.

MRCEM OSCE Exam 2024 Schedule
The MRCEM OSCE Exam will be held thrice in 2024. First exam is scheduled from 22 January to 02 February in London. The application window was between 18 to 25 Oct 2023. The results can be expected by 13 March 2024.
Second exam is slated to happen from 3 to 14 June 2024 in London. The application window is between 18 to 25 March 2024. The results will be out by 24 July 2024.
The third and last exam will take place again in London from 2 to 13 Dec 2024. The application window for this exam will be open from 28 Aug to 4 Sep 2024. The date of the results is yet to be confirmed.
Hope you found this information helpful. All the best for the MRCEM Exam. Good Luck!!

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