MRCEM Exam 2024: Important Dates to Remember

Tue 01, 2024
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Are you planning to take MRCEM exams in 2024? The Royal College of Emergency Medicine has published the calendar for 2024 exams. If you are preparing for MRCEM Primary, Intermediate, or OSCE, we will help you have an in-depth analysis of upcoming exam dates, which will help you plan your exam preparations prior.

MRCEM Exam Dates – 2024
The Membership of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (MRCEM) is the coveted recognition among medical professionals specialized in emergency medicine. This certification ensures that aspirants have the required knowledge and skills to provide quality care to patients in emergency situations.
The exam booking window for all MRCEM exams will become available by 10:00 UK time on the booking open date. The application window will remain open for the next 7 days once opened. The exam window will close by 17:00 UK time on the closing date.

MRCEM Primary Exam
MRCEM Primary is a written multiple-choice question exam that assesses the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the core principles of emergency medicine. In 2024, the MRCEM Primary exam will be held two times, in May and October.

MRCEM Intermediate Exam
MRCEM Intermediate is a crucial second step that assesses the candidate’s competencies in dealing with an emergency scenario. This written exam tests the candidate’s ability to manage emergency situations and their awareness of the whole variety of conditions and presentations that may be presented to the Emergency Department. MRCEM Intermediate SBA exam is usually held twice per year in 2024, in February and September.

MRCEM OSCE exam is an objective structured clinical examination that analyzes a candidate’s ability to apply their knowledge and skills to more complex emergency scenarios. This exam tests the candidate’s ability to manage critical and complicated situations and provide appropriate treatment to patients. The exam will be held in January, March, June, July, September, and December in different exam centers.

MRCEM Exam Venues – 2024
The exam venues for the MRCEM OSCE candidates will be confirmed by RCEM. All candidates who receive a place in international OSCE examinations will have the venue address confirmed in their allocation letter. Remember, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine has the right to change the examination venue in exceptional circumstances.
Candidates can refer to the MRCEM official website to know all the separate dates for MRCEM Primary, MRCEM Intermediate, and MRCEM OSCE exams. International MRCEM OSCE exam dates in Malaysia and India will be confirm soon by RCEM.
It requires early and thorough preparation from candidates to pass the exam. Our StudyMRCEM team can help you with different short-term and long-term preparatory courses.

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