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Studying for a medical career is an impressive feat, but you don’t have to go it alone. StudyMRCEM has got you covered with comprehensive courses that teach you the ins and outs of becoming a successful physician. StudyMRCEM courses are designed to give you every piece of knowledge you need to succeed as a professional healthcare provider. Our mentors have extensive experience to provide you with enough support throughout the course.

MRCEM Primary

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MRCEM Intermediate SBA

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  • Exclusive study materials in diversified formats such as podcasts, summaries, videos, question bank and much more.
  • Learning Management System integration with unique student friendly features.
  • Performance monitoring and management to track the progress with live chat support.

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  • Our Course products varies based on the streams to cater the requirements of aspirants.
  • All our course products are reliable, up to date and exam oriented which helps the aspirants to clear the exams easily.
  • Learning Management System and Mobile App Integrated interface.
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More about

MRCEM stands for Membership of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine. MRCEM is an organization that represents emergency medicine physicians. It provides a forum for sharing best practices and developments in the field and promotes cooperation between members.

What exactly are the MRCEM exams?

The following elements make up the Membership examination:

  • MRCEM Primary -Single Best Answer (SBA)
  • MRCEM Intermediate – Single Best Answer (SBA)
  • MRCEM OSCE – Objective Structured Clinical Examination
MRCEM Primary

This is a Single Best Answer (SBA) test and it ensures a solid foundation in the basic science that underpins Emergency Medicine care and samples the RCEM Basic Science Curriculum. 180 questions must be answered within three hours.

MRCEM Intermediate

This is also a Single Best Answer (SBA) exam. This test ensures a thorough awareness of the whole variety of conditions and presentations that may present to the Emergency Department by sampling the RCEM Clinical Syllabus. It provides an example of the trainee’s data and clinical results synthesis and interpretation as they relate to decision-making and management strategy. It consists of 180 questions that must be answered in four hours, divided into two 90-question papers that must each be completed in two hours with a one-hour break.


The clinical and communicative abilities of trainees are objectively assessed in this test to ensure they are at the level required for higher training. It covers obtaining a patient’s medical history, doing an examination, communicating, making decisions, and handling difficult circumstances including resuscitation scenarios utilising medium fidelity simulation. There are 18 stations blueprinted to SLOs 1-7 and 9 and to the RCEM Clinical Syllabus.

MRCEM Primary
Sl No Exam Date Eligibility Deadline Eoi Deadline Booking Opens
1 17 May 23 TBA TBA 23 Jan 23
2 22 Nov 23 TBA TBA 31 Jul 23
Sl No Exam Date EOI Opens Eoi Deadline Booking Opens
1 25 Apr 23 TBA TBA 04 Jan 23
2 26 Oct 23 TBA TBA 03 Jul 23
Sl No Exam Date EOI Opens Eoi Deadline Booking Opens
1 06-14 Feb 23 TBA TBA 07 Nov 22
2 12-20 Jun 23 TBA TBA 20 Mar 23
3 13-24 Nov 23 TBA TBA 07 Aug 23
4 24-28 Jul 23 TBA TBA 03 Apr 23
5 09-13 Oct 23 TBA TBA 03 Jul 23
5 13-17 Mar 23 TBA TBA 12 Dec 22

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