Designed by expert mentors, Our online Course remains the best option for those candidates preparing for MRCEM OSCE exam. MRCEM OSCE, the final round for the Membership of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM), assesses the clinical and communication skills of trainees and ensures that they are ready for higher training. This course covers the entire syllabus and offers a complete pack of study materials, full access to session recordings, and much more.


MRCEM OSCE – Regular Course

  • Opportunity to guide through all the 16 stations
  • Scheduled Mock Exams to assess the performance.
  • Live Lectures by Mentors from across the globe who cleared MRCEM exams.
  • Mock Exams in RCEM latest exam formats for students to practice.

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MRCEM OSCE – 2 Days Live Course

  • Live circuit course led by MRCEM experts.
  • Course is designed by Mentors who cleared MRCEM working across the Globe.
  • Extensive course library support.
  • Designed as a combination of Circuits and technical workshops.

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MRCEM OSCE – Fast Track Course

  • Live Lectures by mentors from across the globe who cleared MRCEM.
  • A complete revision focused training program.
  • Covers all exam essential modules and concepts in a stipulated time frame.
  • Focused Study Group Support with daily interactions and assignments.

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