What is the eligibility criteria for MRCEM examination?

Wed 08, 2023
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Eligibility criteria for MRCEM examination

The Membership of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (MRCEM) stands as a highly coveted epitome of excellence in Emergency Medicine. This GMC-certified postgraduate qualification paves the pathway for overseas emergency medicine aspirants to attain GMC registration. Here, we will delve into the comprehensive eligibility criteria for the MRCEM examination.

The MRCEM exam is comprised of three integral components: MRCEM Primary, MRCEM Intermediate, and MRCEM OSCE. After successfully completing the MRCEM Primary, the next step is the MRCEM Intermediate, and the final milestone is the MRCEM OSCE.

The MRCEM Primary is a written assessment that evaluates candidates’ knowledge and comprehension of emergency medicine. MRCEM Primary is a written exam that tests the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of emergency medicine. The MRCEM Intermediate is the second part of the MRCEM exam. This exam assess the core competencies required of an emergency medicine doctor in training.

In the final stage of the MRCEM OSCE,scrutinizes candidates clinical and communicative abilities.

Who can sit for the MRCEM exam?

Here are some eligibility criteria you need to meet to apply for the MRCEM examination. Here are the eligibility requirements for the MRCEM examination as per the RCEM guidelines.

Aspirants with a medical qualification approved by the General Medical Council (GMC).

Aspirants who have achieved a suggested IELTS score of at least level 7.

For the MRCEM Intermediate, candidates must successfully pass the Primary examination.

For the MRCEM OSCE, candidates must have cleared both the Primary and MRCEM Intermediate SBA examinations.

Candidates aiming for MRCEM OSCE are required to have a minimum of 24 months of post-qualification experience, with at least six months of experience in Emergency Medicine at the post FY1/intern level.

Are you a medical aspirant looking to build your dream career in Emergency Medicine? Then, the MRCEM membership stands as a beacon of career excellence within Emergency Medicine. It opens up a bundle of new opportunities in Emergency Medicine and thereby ensures a successful career.

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