MRCEM SBA: Understand The Exam Better to Come Up with Effective Preparation Strategies

Wed 11, 2023
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The MRCEM SBA exam happens to be the second part of the MRCEM exam. The exam can further be attempted twice every year. Moreover, it is a theoretical exam that evaluates the understanding of the whole spectrum of conditions and presentations encountered in the Emergency Department.

MRCEM SBA Exam Components

The MRCEM SBA exam consists of two papers. Each one of the exams is two hours in duration. They both comprises 90 single best answer questions.

The examination is conducted in English. In addition, candidates are advised that IELTS Level 7 is the expected standard for completion of the MRCEM examinations.

The MRCEM SBA exam follows the Royal College of Emergency Medicine Clinical Syllabus. Furthermore, the exam is mapped to the Specialty Learning Outcomes (SLO) of years 1-3 of the RCEM Curriculum. The exam domains are further tested in varying proportions.

A modified Angoff method is used to mark the exam. Besides, a minimal score that a candidate is likely to achieve is considered as a cutoff score. A standard error of measurement is further identified using the Angoff method. Lastly, this will be added to the cutoff score and will be used to calculate the required final pass mark for the paper.

MRCEM SBA Exam Preparation

MRCEM SBA Exam does not involve the same kind of knowledge that MRCEM demands. Nevertheless, it is complex and challenging. Questions need to be interpreted using data. Moreover, they are based around blood tests, x-rays, or and ECG. Lastly, candidates are better off preparing at least six months before the examination.

The Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine is a good resource for the examination. It can aide you through all the years of Emergency Medicine training.

Try to familiarize yourself with the various scoring systems used in the Emergency Departing scenario. The examination has a striking resemblance to your everyday work in the Emergency Department.

Make sure that you read interesting and relevant cases that you encounter in day-to-day practice. This will help you to gather a better grasp of contemporary practice and guidelines.

Hope you found this information helpful. Wishing you the best for your MRCEM SBA exam.

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