MRCEM OSCE July 2023 Exam; Booking window opened for Chennai Exam in India

Tue 04, 2023
Home MRCEM OSCE July 2023 Exam; Booking window opened for Chennai Exam in India

RCEM has opened the booking window for MRCEM OSCE July 2023 exam to be held at Chennai, in India. The window opened on 3rd of April 2023 and will close on 14th of April 2023.
As per the official information, the exam will take place from 24th to 28th of July 2023. The Royal College is yet to announce the exam results date.

Apart from Chennai, Hyderabad will also be the next exam centre for MRCEM OSCE exam. As per the official site, the booking for the Hyderabad exam will be open from 3rd to 14th of July 2023. The exam is scheduled to take place from 9th to 13th of October 2023.

Candidates who are looking to appear for the MRCEM OSCE July Exam in India can now book their slots. Visit the official website of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) and follow the instructions as per the site.

MRCEM OSCE Exam is a clinical assessment aimed at evaluating the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and competencies of candidates. Qualifying the MRCEM OSCE exam will bestow the candidates with the proud Membership of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (MRCEM).

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to book your slot for the MRCEM OSCE July Exam. Book your slot now and take a step towards your goal of becoming a member of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (MRCEM).

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