MRCEM OSCE Exam: Priceless Tips for An Effective and Comprehensive Preparation

Wed 11, 2023
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Tips For MRCEM OSCE Exam

You are probably on the lookout for ideal ways to prepare well for the MRCEM OSCE exam. This challenge stands in the way of every aspiring candidate who is looking forward to a rewarding and promising career in the field of Emergency Medicine.

Read on to find essential tips from former candidates for MRCEM resources and guidance.


You need to tick all of the following boxes to be eligible for applying to the MRCEM OSCE. To begin with, you need to hold a medical qualification approved by the GMC for registration. You should further complete the UK Foundation Programme or equivalent.

In addition, one needs to pass the MRCEM Primary and MRCEM Intermediate SBA. A 24-month experience including 6 months of experience in Emergency Medicine above FY1 is also mandatory.

MRCEM OSCE is a practical exam to test your clinical skills. These skills are evaluated while you examine a patient in front of an examiner.

The exam consists of 16 eight-minute stations. Additional one minute of reading time is given between each OSCE station. The cost of this exam is around 450 pounds in the UK, 650 pounds in India and 750 pounds in Malaysia.

Preparation For MRCEM OSCE

MRCEM OSCE is about practical assessment and clinical examination. The ideal preparation is a lot of practice. Learn to pick up physical signs. Share your plans to attempt the OSCE exam with your supervisor. Find consultants from your hospitals who are OSCE examiners or registrars who passed recently.

They will be able to observe and comment on your history taking and exam skills. Try to form groups with doctors who are sitting the MRCEM OSCE exam. This will enable you to share patients and practice delivering your findings out loud.

This process will give you confidence in your exam. Along with passing the exam, it will make you more thoughtful while diagnosing and will give clarity to your communication with patients and colleagues.

Learn To Manage Time

Try to practice 3 or 4 patients per shift well in advance. You will be able to encounter most scenarios within a month. To gain enough confidence, practice with a variety of people. This will help you to cover many scenarios and keep you prepared.

Do not let assumptions and nervousness affect you on exam day. Take the minute before each station to fully read and digest the task at hand.

Resources For Preparation

Youtube can provide you with a huge collection of videos. You will get to see examples and mock stations and observe candidates going through the process.

Tips For Revision

Practice holds the key. Constant practice will work wonders for you.

Hope you found this information helpful. We are in constant interaction with doctors to understand their exam experiences. This helps us to create relevant, informative educational material for you. We wish you the best for your MRCEM OSCE exam.

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