MRCEM OSCE Exam: Here Is Everything You Need to Know About It

Sat 10, 2023
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MRCEM OSCE Exam: Everything You Need to Know About It

The MRCEM OSCE is the third exam that should be cleared for Membership of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine. The exam further assesses the clinical and communication skills of trainees. In addition, it ensures that the candidates are ready for higher training. Read on to learn more about the exam.

Furthermore, the exam assesses the common competencies and clinical competencies required for the evaluation and immediate management of common clinical conditions seen in the Emergency Department.

Competence in children’s emergencies is expected at a level delivered in a general Emergency Department. Besides, focus is on the seriously ill and injured child. Lastly, management of common childhood emergencies is also taken into consideration.

Eligibility For the Exam

Candidates who have passed the MRCEM Primary and MRCEM Intermediate SBA or equivalent can sit the MRCEM OSCE exam. In addition, candidates should have at least 24 months experience after qualification and at least 6 months of experience in Emergency Medicine post Foundation year 1 or intern level.

The examination is conducted in English. Moreover, candidates are advised that IELTS Level 7 is the expected standard for completion of MRCEM examinations.

Exam Booking

Candidates must apply for the exam online during the published application window. Applications will open at 10:00 AM on the morning of the application opening date listed on the exam calendar. It closes automatically at 5:00 pm (UK time) on the listed closing date. Lastly, applications must be completed before 5:00 pm on the closing date. Late applications will not be accepted.

Location Of Exams

The MRCEM OSCE is delivered in London (UK), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Kochi (India).

Exam Structure

The MRCEM OSCE consists of 16 8-minute stations with one minute reading time between stations. There are also two rest stations in the exam.

Exam Results

The results for the MRCEM OSCE will be published around six weeks after the date of the examination. Results will be released to the candidate’s college website accounts. Result letters can be downloaded from the website on demand. Exam results will not be issued or confirmed by telephone or email.

Hope you found this information useful if you are preparing for your MRCEM OSCE Exam. All the best!

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