MRCEM Intermediate SBA: Supplement Your Exam Preparation with These Helpful tips

Tue 04, 2023
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The MRCEM Intermediate SBA is a theoretical exam that evaluates the understanding of the full range of conditions and presentations that may be encountered in the ED. Candidates  should familiarize themselves with the year 1-3 SLOS in preparation for sitting the examination. Read on for some tips that may assist you in your exam preparation.
Make sure that you digest the curriculum being tested. This will enable you to road map the areas you need to study and make sure you don’t spend time on areas that would not be included in the exam. The points are distributed through the SLOS more evenly than in the first exam. Therefore, sufficient time is needed to be able to revise for this exam.
The MRCEM Intermediate SBA is conducted in English. The candidates are advised that IELTS Level 7 is the expected standard for completion of the MRCEM examination.

Curriculum Preparation
The content of the exam is mapped out to the Specialty Learning Outcomes (SLO) of year 1-3 in the RCEM Emergency Medicine Curriculum. The RCEM Clinical Syllabus will be sampled across the examination and syllabus categories.
SLOI Complex Stable Patient – 55 questions
SLO3 Resuscitate – 40 questions
SLO4 Injured Patient – 30
SLO5 Paediatric Emergency Medicine – 25 questions
SLO6 Procedural Skills – 20 questions
SLO7 Complex or Challenging Situations – 10 questions
There are six SLOS to complete in the Emergency Medicine Curriculum. Adequate time is required to study each of the categories. Once you integrate the curriculum into your study schedule, concentrate on the high-yield areas. After that, you need to go over the question banks at least once and then go over them again to rectify any errors on your first try.
Lastly, you should take a few practice exams to make sure you understand the question structure and that you are confident in your ability to answer the questions in the allocated time frame. You are required to answer one question per minute. Previous applicants suggest allowing 6 months alongside a job or placement or 2-3 months if this is your primary focus.

Go Emergency Medicine is a YouTube channel that offers free 30-minute summaries of the topics which may come up in the exam. The episode is split into chapters and a voice over. You can find additional resources available on YouTube by searching “MRCEM Intermediate SBA.”

Question Banks
Once you have spent some time understanding the curriculum and studying the SLOS in more depth, you should move onto question banks to familiarise yourself with the previous questions which have been asked and ensure the structure is as you are expecting. The top two question banks which are popular are MRCEM Success and ExamPrep.

Practice Exam
In the last month of revision, focus on practice exams. This will give you the confidence to get through the 180 questions in the set time frame.
Hope you found this information helpful. Good luck for your MRCEM exams!!

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