EMCON 2023: 25th Edition of The Emergency Medicine Extravaganza

Mon 10, 2023
Home EMCON 2023: 25th Edition of The Emergency Medicine Extravaganza

Hyderabad, the City of Pearls, is all set to host the highly anticipated EMCON 2023. This is the 25th edition of this premium conference for emergency medicine professionals in India.  Furthermore, the event is scheduled to take place from October 27-29, 2023, at the HICC Hyderabad. StudyMEDIC is looking forward to taking this opportunity with both hands and stamp its authority as a leading provider of MRCEM medical courses.

More About the Event 

The conference will witness keynote speakers, workshops, panel discussions, poster presentations, and networking opportunities. Besides, it will be the ideal stage for sharing best practices, research findings, and innovations in the field of emergency medicine. The conference is bound to benefit all emergency medicine practitioners, educators, researchers, students, and allied health professionals.

A pre-conference workshop will be organized on 26th October to mark the event. It will further give the participants a scientific celebration of various research projects and hands-on sessions. Lastly, the 25th – Silver Jubilee Conference of Society for Emergency Medicine India will be celebrated with much fanfare this year.

StudyMEDIC At the Event

StudyMRCEM is the sister concern of StudyMEDIC. It offers a wide range of tailor-made courses to help MRCEM aspirants to make their professional dreams come true. In addition, we provide MRCEM courses that span over six months to revision courses lasting six weeks to two days of live circuit courses. Lastly, MRCEM Courses are designed according to the learning needs of the candidates.

The event will capture the attention of Emergency Physicians and nurses, Acute Care specialists, Anaesthesiologists, Intensivists, and healthcare professionals who are passionate about delivering Emergency/acute care. It will be an all-encompassing event for everyone from the realm of healthcare. StudyMEDIC will be an integral part of this event organised by The Society for Emergency Medicine India.

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