Be Ready to be A StudyMEDIC E – Student

E-learning has been the current best educational platform for students to prepare and excel in their careers. Online education is currently flowing through swift phases and StudyMEDIC provides our followers and aspirants to utilize the best advantages of self-paced, student-centered, location-independent, and cost-effective education. StudyMEDIC provides each of the aspirants to experience a unique, extensive, and most updated e-course with reliable and validated study materials. StudyMEDIC offers e-courses with various key features of e-learning products such as the easy user interface, crispiness and reliability, comprehensiveness, structure with a wide range of materials, transparency, retention rates, and more. Our course review methodology is a periodic event organized and controlled by our R&D department. We offer.

  • StudyMRCOG Ecourse – MRCOG Part 1
  • StudyMRCOG Ecourse – MRCOG Part 2
  • StudyMRCOG Ecourse – MRCOG Part 3
  • StudyMRCOG Ecourse – MRCPI Part 2 Written
  • StudyMRCOG Ecourse – EFOG Part 1
  • StudyMRCOG Ecourse – EFOG Part 2 OSCE

StudyMEDIC follows adaptive e-learning which is a new and innovative type of e-learning, which makes it possible to adapt and redesign learning materials for each individual learner. By taking into consideration a lot of factors such as students participation and performance, requirements and goals, best user interface etc which will enable the best user friendly and informative course.

Our E – Course Features

  • Structured syllabus with relevant tutorials curated by our mentors covering all the domains and modules which are specially designed and curated by the best mentors’ panel.
  • Course structured in CBT format where you can watch the tutorials, read through the summaries, and attempt stations under every module.
  • High Quality Audio Podcasts with zero background interferences topic wise under every module.
  • Case templates provided with candidate instructions, role player instructions, examiner, and lay examiner instructions etc so that the candidate can literally enhance the station presentation skills.
  • High Yield Exam essential questions are being made available on completion of every module which makes your learning complete in all levels.
  • No limitation on accessing the course. Upon subscription you can use as many times as you need.
  • Scheduled Mentors support on a scheduled periodic basis.

Exclusive Highlights

  • Finest user-Friendly Interface with easy navigation tools and methodology.
  • Course progress visualization (Real time)
  • Performance monitoring and visualization on real time in every single click.
  • Prepare and revise with “REVISION NOTES”
  • Highlight the study materials enabling the best revision support.
  • Repeat and attempt as many times as required within the subscription period.
  • 24*7 IT support to solve queries if any.
  • CPD Accredited.

We are now in the verge of adopting innovating techniques for sequencing and structuring the materials to meet best suit for the students and upon completion this will be the FINEST and SUBTLE e-course ever created.


StudyMEDIC – Why We Love Mentoring

Acquainting a student is an essential and critical factor for excellence. When done right a course or a mentor should empower and encourage the students to become more confident to present their skills and knowledge without any hesitance. This the sole reason why “StudyMEDIC Mentors are the best mentors for OBS & GYN courses such as MRCOG, MRCPI, FCPS OBG EFOG- EBCOG, MRCS & FRCS.
Over the past three years, as part of our forthcoming books series, Our R & D team is engaged in researching how mentors can better judge and enhance their talent in light of a changing, more purpose driven and more tech enables learning environment. Our team interviewed multiple admired leaders in different fields (culture, arts, business etc.), and the outcome which we got, helped our journey so far. Now here we stand as No 1 Online training provider & No 1 trusted brand for MRCOG, MRCPI, FCPS OBG EFOG- EBCOG, MRCS & FRCS. & EBCOG.

We as mentors unlike other are not focused on creating followers for our brand or our names, we are more attentive on delivering courses in different styles, patterns to create the leaders for tomorrow in OBS&GYN community. We follow the below best mentoring techniques which we had gained through research and series of discussions.

1. Creating a family like environment
As far as we are concerned, we are not believed in delivering the courses as a “READ & UNDERSTAND” method instead of something family relationship authentic concept. In order to make interactive courses, we think it is vital to develop a baseline chemistry between the mentors and mentee. On a final note, rapport is essential for us to deliver our concept to the students.

2. Focusing on multiple diversities within the student
Generally, some of the mentors believe that mentoring is just a job but for us its more of a commitment, responsibility and sacrifice to learn more about each student which include their character, value, skills, empathy, etc. On a long journey with us, we intend to understand the minds of each students then only we can push them beyond their capabilities.

3. Positive Approach and not being cynics
Students come to us with a lot of belief and unrealistic ambitions. As a mentor what we prefer is to provide them more energy to pursue those ambitions than going more realistically to deteriorate their belief. It’s been said that the world prefers conventional failure over unconventional success; We as mentors should encourage exploration of the latter.

4. Be Loyal to the profession
Mentoring is one method of leadership and it is a duty and service to others which shall be delivered with highest gratitude. The best way to inspire commitment is to be fully and selflessly committed to the best interests of the students. Bring in the same kind of attentions as a friend, family member for the student then learning will become easier. This is our experience!!!

At its highest level, mentorship is about being “good people” and having the right “good people” around us. Our legacy is to transform our students to be a better clinician with accreditations and certifications.